Subaj Global Network Pre-ICO ICO Details

The SUBAJ Global Network forms a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online/offline payments, promotions and reward sharing programs using mobile-based methods. It’s a distributed blockchain platform which creates an enormous marketplace where different types of businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate for their mutual benefits. The SUBAJ platform is fueled by the groundbreaking technologies like Social Gamification, Augmented Reality and GeoDrop Technology. The platform aims at revolutionizing the shopping experience of millions of customers through its state-of-the-art loyalty reward sharing methodology.

It provides an advanced utility model and sophisticated infrastructure where all kinds of retailers, merchants, clubs, and communities can participate to create their own business tokens and offer them to the customers as loyalty rewards. For example, a college or University can release its own tokens for the students and staff members using SUBAJ Blockchain Platform (SBP). In the same way, a Fitness Club can offer its membership tokens to the global community. Above all, SUBAJ strives to create a more meaningful world through the SUBAJ Charity Foundation which is dedicated to the upliftment and betterment of the underprivileged kids from different corners of the world.

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Adebayo Surakatu

Founder & CEO


Knut Jacobi

Board Member & Advisor



ICO Structure Details

As planned, a fixed supply of 5 billion SBJ will be created for successfully running operations within the SUBAJ Global Network (SGN). Out of the total supply, token allocation will be performed in the following manner.
15% of the total SBJ supply will be allocated to the SUBAJ Foundation.
10% will be allocated to the advisors and partners.
13% allocation will be provided to the customers and merchants.
12% of the SBJ tokens will be sold through the SUBAJ app.
50% will be sold to the public during the token sale.

20% out of 50% of the tokens will be sold during this period of time.

The Pre-sale will commence from 18th June and will go on until 18th July. The investors who purchase more than 1 million SBJ tokens will get 30% bonus on their investment. Those who purchase more than 600,000 tokens will be given 20% bonus and the ones who purchase 300,000 SBJ tokens will be given 10% bonus. 300,000 will be the minimum contribution required during the Pre-sale.

Token Sale (1st week):
During the first week of token sale, 15% of remeaning tokens will be sold. The token sale will begin on 19th July and will go on until 25 July. The minimum contribution here will be of 30,000 SBJ and the investors will get 5% bonus.

Token Sale (2nd week):
The remaining 15% of the tokens will be sold during the 2nd week of token sale. The sale will begin on 26th July and will end on 1 August 2018. The minimum contribution required will be 1500 SBJ. However, no bonuses will be given during the final week of Token sale.

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