Sugar ICO Details

Social networks are the most powerful and demanded instrument of communication among all inhabitants of the planet. More than 70% of Internet users are registered on social networks, and these are more than two billion people! However, despite the enormous rate of development of different types of social networks there is no ideal, functional and secure unified network for LGBT community.

SUGAR is the first social network for representatives of LGBT communities of the WHOLE WORLD! Now the search and further communication of congenial people are becoming simple and available!

Henceforth, any representative of the LGBT community can communicate with like-minded people. Different age, sex, social statuses are not a hindrance. Only a unified ideology is what will unite more than 300,000,000 potential users of the SUGAR social network.

The platform uses latest methods of encryption and the unique Blockchain technology that provides a high guarantee of personal information confidentiality for all users. Messages, files and multimedia are stored safely, due to usage of distributed ledgers technology, without using the “classic” centralized servers.

SUGAR social network applies own LGBiT cryptotokens which is used for mutual settlements between users, purchases of goods and services, and for raising funds for charitable purposes.

LGBiT is a ERC20 standart token on the Ethereum platform. It will be added to listing of cryptocurrency exchanges.
In our time the value of personal information multiplies. That is why in our social network we use Block chain – modern technology of public decentralized processing and reliable storage of registers of any information.

All our users can be sure that their data will be confidential and guaranteed to be protected – this is achieved with the fundamental principles of decentralized technologies. Each user with his / her login / password (personal key) automatically irreversibly encrypts all information and only he can see and use it in the source readable form. There is no single server where all information is. Moreover, no one can hack or change your data – feel a new level of security and privacy in our social network!

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ICO Structure Details

Pre-sale: 550 tokens, 1ETH = 800 LGBiT (33% bonus)

Main stage of ICO:
Stage 1: 1-4999 ETH 1ETH = 700 LGBiT (16,5% bonus)
Stage 2: 5000-9999 ETH 1ETH = 865 LGBiT (14% bonus)
Stage 3: 10000 – 19999 ETH 1ETH=660 LGBiT (10% bonus)
Stage 4: 20000+ ETH 1ETH=600 LGBiT (no bonus)

Bounties – 200000 tokens

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