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Talenter.io – a quiet mighty revolution

Our future is goint to be quite different from our present.
Artificial intelligence and autonomous robots will do most of our tasks automatically.
Goods will be as favorable as never before. Abundance is normal for some people.
Others, however, find no tasks, no opportunities to create prosperity through employment.
The gap between the rich and the poor blows the societies around the world.

Only a few people will make a living in manufacturing, processing and administration
and will find appreciation with it. If machines in all fields beating people out – what remains?
This question was at the beginning of the development of Talenter.io

In the future we will redefine work.
Man‘s inventiveness does not end with what is necessary, but seeks the possible.
It was never necessary to compose and perform operas. It is not necessary to go skateboarding
or to press and collect leaves – but it is obviously very satisfying for us humans to do these things.
Almost everyone can and does something very gladly. And almost everyone wants to get better
and gain recognition in what he or she is doing.
Speaking elvish fluently, forging knives made of eightfold folded steel, dressaging guinea pigs,
and other things people want to do. There are also less unusual activities that people enjoy doing.
Hedge trimming, car washing, cooking for others, reading aloud…

Tomorrow‘s working world is a world where we do something because we want to do it.
And yet it will also remain the world in which we look for recognition and earn income to fulfill our desires.
Self-realisation becomes more easily possible, but making a living remains important.
Talenter.io is the platform for this.
And not with the means of today, but with the technology that forms the backbone of the future economic order:
the Blockchain.

Only the Blockchain unites service, appointment determination, ordering and payment processes
into a previously unknown unit.

Let‘s assume you‘re looking for a service
– this sounds unusual to today‘s ears, but in a future where we don‘t need services out of necessity,
we will enjoy services and consume them accordingly – so you‘re in the mood for a service.
You are browsing the offer on Talenter.io. A service „Japanese tea ceremony at home“
catches your eye. You can quickly check whether a convenient date is available for you
by opening the calendar integrated into the offer on the website,
see immediately that your desired date is free, click on it, confirm – that‘s it!

From then on, you don‘t have to worry about anything.
Everything is stored in the SmartContract of the Blockchain – date, place, payment conditions.
The amount to be paid is automatically transferred to a trust-wallet.
If the service provider appears on the agreed date, GPS and calendar data are verified and
this leads to the automatic execution of the SmartContract.
Payment flows from the trustee wallet to the service provider.
If the service provider does not appear or at the wrong time, the payment is not triggered
and the amount is transferred back from the trust-wallet to the customer.
Both the customer and the service provider are on the safe side.

Talenter.io initiates a silent global labour market revolution.
Imagine what it means in everyday life, when everything that people do and are able
to do suddenly become tradable services.
From „Learn to park“ to „Cut roses correctly“, from „Go shopping“ to „Be a player“.
The simplicity of the Talenter app makes it possible to create an event every day.
People do what they like to do suddenly not only for themselves, but for others.
Instead of gardening alone, gardening with „cutting roses right“ will become an event.

Talenter.io offers for the first time an integrated solution that enables people to provide
human services beyond the usual professional standards.
Talenter.io is to offer the world a completely new and urgently needed labor market.
A billion-dollar market!

Today, if only every unemployed person in the world offers an hour of talent for one dollar,
the added value of 1.2 trillion dollars a year is generated.
An added value that is currently withheld from all these people!
That is the state of play today.
Over the next five to fifteen years, up to 40% of today‘s jobs will fall victim to automation and artificial intelligence.
Soon the Talenter market will not be a billion-dollar market, but a one hundred billion-dollar market.

Talenter‘s disruptive power lies in the fact that it is not only made for a future, but that it also creates it itself:
a world in which self-fulfillment and working life are intertwined and a completely new, gigantic labour market is created.

Talenter (TLT) – The Currency
Talenter (TLT) is based on the Ethereum BlockChain.
All services on Talenter.io are offered and paid for in Talenter (TLT).
In combination with Raider technology, Talenter (TLT) is a micropayment-enabled currency.
Talenter (TLT) can be used and traded independently of the Talenter.io platform.
With the generation of only 100 million talents, the value and stability of the cryptocurrency is guaranteed.

Information overview
• Talenter.io is a service platform based on block chain technology
• Talenter.io aimed at a current global market volume of 1 trillion dollars.
• Talenter (TLT) is an ethereum-based cryptocurrency
• Talenter (TLT) is the currency for all offers on Talenter.io
• Talenter (TLT) is freely tradable and usable via Talenter.io
• 100 million talents are generated according to the Pre-ICO
• The Pre-ICO offers 20 million talented individuals in the pool principle

Pre-ICO runs until 17 November 2017

For further information: Talenter.io
For the Talenter White Paper, link to: Talenter.io
For FAQs: Talenter.io
For contact: [email protected]

For more detailed information about Talenter visit:




ICO Structure Details

Total supply of token, for crowdsale, team e.t.c.
20.000.000 Mio Talenter are distributed by this Pre-ICO
50.000.000 Mio Talenter will be distributet by the ICO
30.000.000 Mio Talenter will be reserved and cannot be traded or transferred on the Ethereum network

ICO price of token
At the end of the 30 day period (Pre-ICO 20.000.000 TALENTER (TLT) Tokens will be distributed pro rata amongst all authorized purchasers,based on the total ETH contributed during these period.

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