Token Changer ICO Details

Token Changer is a multi-blockchain platform for distributed financial applications (DApps).

Token Changer, build and host a wide variety of DApps. From simple token trading DApps to complex financial applications. The market for financial products and services is one of the biggest markets that make up the global economy.

The blockchain will have a huge impact in the way we produce and consume financial services and Token Changer is well positioned to take advantage of this change. Token Changer are building a secure financial products and services platform that is user friendly enough for your grandma to use. That is why our DApps are accessible using a web browser. And there are no passwords required for login, since the DApps live 100% on the blockchain thereby utilising the full security features of blockchain technology.

Token Changer started work on the platform in January, 2017 and today the platform is 90% complete. Already they have DApps running on the ethereum mainnet and testnets.

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George Ezechukwu

Co-founder and CEO

Alexis Bizalion

Co-founder and CMO

Luke Sherwood

Community manager

Kaspars Roze

Business Developer

Rob Moya

Front End Developer

Mike Maurer

Customer Experience Manager


Simon Cocking

ICO Advisor

Hans Koning

Strategic Advisor

Alex Rutledge

Digital Marketing Advisor



ICO Structure Details

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