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Totum ICO Details

The idea of the platform is that anyone who wants to emit their own cryptocurrency from the game can mine a certain amount of Totum coins, which later can be spent to gain the right amount of game currency. Then, game developers can distribute game coins among the gamers as rewards and accept them as payment for game improvements.

The ecosystem may solve the real issue of F2P game publishers, when only 5% to 10% of game players provide monetization of the efforts spent on game development and support. Totum allows to integrate a cash payment system for users who want to withdraw their game coins, motivating the gamers to participate your projects more actively.

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ICO Structure Details

Tokens to be issued: 15,000,000
Exchange rate: 1 TOTUM – ETH 0.0033
Minimum transaction amount: 91 TOTUM (ETH 0.3)
Maximum transaction amount: 100,000 TOTUM (ETH 333)
Bonuses: during the first two days, participants will receive a 20% bonus
Bounty: 2% of production
Total sales target: ETH 49,500
Minimum sales target: ETH 3,300

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