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Venturion ICO Details

Ventureon (VNN) is a token, created by Hypercube Ventures for start-ups financing. Value of the token is tied to the starting price of represented projects. These projects publish information about themselves nowhere else and do not attract financing in any other funds except for Hypercube Ventures. As they are launched and developed, the market value of projects is growing, and the cost of VNN increases accordingly.

The Fund has already selected 5 projects, that is ready to be launched after financing; at this moment second projects pool is being formed. They will include blockchain projects too. Fund managers conduct quality Due Diligence projects, and Advisors of Ventureon have the necessary competencies for scaling and strengthening position of project in the market. Ventureon’s perspectives are confirmed by 5 experienced experts from the Top 100 Blockchain Insiders list, and other influential personalities in the field of Blockchain, Fintech, I-Commerce, Digital and Finances.

For the VentureOn project, the ICO process is just an additional opportunity to raise funds for a working fund.

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ICO Structure Details

Total Issued: 4.500.000 VNN. VNN is available for crowdsale:75%(3.375.000 VNN) . Advisors, Marketing, Partners -15%. Team -8%. Bounty Program – 2%. ICO supply:3.375.000 VNN
Total supply:4.500.000 VNN.
Tokens price:
• 1VNN – $10
• Min invest 1 VNN. ICO. Target $63.785.700.
The sale of tokens is carried out on the Ethereum system. Our smart-contract is created according to the ERC20 specification.<.p>

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