Vooglue ICO Details

The VooGlue platform and the “VooGlue App” integrate an ecosystem of artists, galleries, museums, art lovers, investors, a digital fingerprint of a “wall hung artwork”, a digital media counterpart and an e-commerce product counterpart. The VooGlueApp permanently connects the physical item (e.g. a painting) to a digital media counterpart (e.g. a video or augmented reality experience), a product counterpart (e.g. the artwork for sale), such that these elements become permanently connected counterparts, unique to the physical artwork and inseparable from the physical wall hung item. From a user’s perspective, the digital counterparts are accessed simply by pointing a mobile device at the physical artwork hanging on the wall.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects: The VooGlue platform will be turned into a place where new form of art is created and artists are directly connected to potential buyers of their work.

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ICO Structure Details

1 ETH = 500 VGC.
Up to 90% Bonus on VGC purchase during pre-sale period.
Individual purchase is limited to 1% of the total offering.

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